Hacienda Paraiso - Tulum, Mexico
Hacienda Paraiso - Tulum, Mexico
Hacienda Paraiso - Tulum, Mexico
Hacienda Paraiso - Tulum, Mexico
Hacienda Paraiso - Tulum, Mexico
Hacienda Paraiso - Tulum, Mexico
Hacienda Paraiso - Tulum, Mexico
Hacienda Paraiso - Tulum, Mexico
Hacienda Paraiso - Tulum, Mexico
Hacienda Paraiso - Tulum, Mexico
Hacienda Paraiso - Tulum, Mexico
Hacienda Paraiso - Tulum, Mexico
Hacienda Paraiso - Tulum, Mexico
Hacienda Paraiso - Tulum, Mexico
Hacienda Paraiso - Tulum, Mexico
Hacienda Paraiso - Tulum, Mexico
Hacienda Paraiso - Tulum, Mexico
Hacienda Paraiso - Tulum, Mexico
Hacienda Paraiso - Tulum, Mexico
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Hacienda Paraiso

4-12 Keys 6 Bedrooms 14 Guests 7 BathsView Amenities


Set on one of world's most incredible beaches, only a few hundred meters from the world famous Mayan Ruins, is this magnificent brand new beach mansion, with the finest white sandy beach and the clearest turquoise caribbean sea with no rocks around for a perfect swim, only 10 steps away from your door step.

This beach home its perfect for family reunions or a private de luxe event such as weddings.Hacienda Paraiso its a 6 bedroom in suites and 7 bathroom home, all but one facing the caribbean sea, with one large top terrace for great entertainment and 4 more private terraces in the bedrooms for a relaxing sunbathing session.

The house is fully equipped and furnished, fulfilling the most highly demanding guest for all their needs, air conditioned in all the bedrooms, sattelite tv and wireless internet included.

The Beach club its open from 11 am till 6 pm offering a great international sea food menu. There is also a therapeutic spa for a relaxing massage or deep tissue treatment. The Beach club also offers a small marina service for charter fishing boats or amazing snorkeling tours out to the corral reef located only 5 minute boat ride, but if you are a little bit more adventurous and like a bit of extreme sports, there is a kite boarding-surfing school a few steps away.

Vacationing at Hacienda Paraiso Tulum gives you easy access to all the fantastic archeological sites, natural parks, beautiful beaches and wild life experiences in the Riviera Maya. Located just 128 km south of Cancun, 260 km north of the state capital Chetumal and with Playa del Carmen only 45 minutes away, it is set right in the middle with easy access to all the famous and exciting activities the region has to offer.

The Tulum Ruins, the most visited archeological site in the Americas, is located just a short walk from El Paraiso Hotel. Being one of the last Mayan cities to be abandoned, and said to be the finest example of Mayan architecture in the state of Quintana Roo, it is a must for every historically interested traveler. The Ruins, set on top of majestic cliffs dropping into the Caribbean ocean offers dramatic views. The name Tulum, was given by the explorers during the early 20th century. The Mayan word Tulum, translates into 'wall' or 'the walled city, and got its name referring to the 12 feet high walls, protecting three sides of the ancient city with the ocean being the forth protection. The city may formerly have been known as Zama, which means 'the city of dawn.' Thus its name, the Mayans living at Tulum is known to have worshiped the setting sun, not the rising.

Tulum served as a trading port and rose to prominence around 1200 AD, and it’s believed that around 500 people lived inside the walled city, those being mainly nobles, while the working community lived outside the walls. El Castillo – the largest of the ruins, is set at the top of the cliff, and served as a navigation aid. After being abandoned by the Mayans around 75 years after the arrival of the Spaniards, Tulum was still visited by Indians in the area for ceremonies, and also served as shelter for Indian refugees during the 'War of Castes'. A visit to the Mayan Ruins brings your back to in time. The amazing views, and well preserved temples breaths of magic and history.

The natural park of Xel Ha, is an excellent park to experience the nature of Riviera Maya. Swim along their large system of channels lined by mangrove. The inlet is created by underground rivers leading out to the ocean. Home to over 70 species of both freshwater and seawater fish. Various cenotes and caves are available inside the park and open for visitors to explore. The ecological and natural wonders are many. The park also holds an apiary and a plant nursery Xcaret Culture, wildlife and history are just a few of the experiences awaiting you at Xcaret. Only 45 minutes from El Paraiso hotel, this natural park is one of the most visited along the Riviera Maya. Here you can see the pre-Hispanic ball game played as the Mayans used to play it, a replica of a Mayan Village, as well as the Butterfly Pavilion that is considered one of the most spectacular in Latin America.

The Flora and Fauna are flourishing inside Xcaret. In this well prepared park, you have a chance to get a close look at many of the exotic species that can be found in the Riviera Maya. The evening show at Xcaret can’t be described as anything else than spectacular, bringing visitors on a journey of the history and traditions of Mexico though song, dance and music. Sian Kaan The Sian Kaan Biosphere just south of Tulum, is one of the hidden jewels on the Riviera Maya. Sian Kaan is Mayan and means 'Where the Sky is born', and when arriving to Sian Kaan it looks as if the sky is clearer and it is hard to distinguish where the ocean ends and the sky begins. Sian Kaan is part of UNESCOS World Heritage sites and consists of 1, 3 acres of tropical ecosystem, making it one of the largest protected areas in Mexico. Home to 800 different plant species, 350 bird species, and with a part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef inside the Biosphere, Sian Kaan is also home to an abundant marine life. Various species of turtles, dolphins, manatees, as well as crocodiles, pumas, jaguars and monkeys can be seen within the Biosphere.

The wildlife and nature is seen at its best in Sian Kaan. It is a place like nowhere else, a place where you feel as one with the nature, and close to the sky. Cenotes One of the unique natural wonders of the Riviera Maya is the cenotes. Considered sacred by the Mayans, and connected in majestic systems of underground rivers and caves, they are believed to have been created when a meteor struck the Yucatan Peninsula millions of years ago. Over 6000 cenotes have been found in the Yucatan peninsula, and many more are still believed to be undiscovered. Cenote comes from the Mayan word 'Dzonot' which means 'hole filled with water'. A cenote is formed when the soft limestone collapse due to erosion and the roof of a cavern falls in. They were extremely important to the Mayans as this is where they got their drinking water, and were considered a holy place and the entrance to the underworld.

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Property Amenities

Pets Welcome Upon Approval | Not Handicap Accessible

40"+ TV
DVD Player
Multiple TVs
Satellite/Cable TV
Chef’s Kitchen
Location features
Concierge Service
Laundry Service
Air Conditioning
Covered Parking
High Speed Internet
Washer & Dryer
Wireless Internet
Outdoor Grill
Outdoor Pool

Property Details


Private Residence with 2 levels
6 bedrooms, 7 baths, 7320 square feet, 681 square meters


King, King, King, King, 2x Queen, and 2x Queen
14 guests maximum

Nearest airport

Cancun International Airport
1.5 hours by car

Property View

Beautiful Ocean Views

Additional Fees

Hacienda Paraiso its the perfect home to enjoy a once in a life time vacation, and is right next to Paraiso Beach Club and offers all of the hotel amenities such as daily maid service, 24 hour private security and concierge service from 8 am till 8 pm. This incurs a mandatory property charge to both owners and their guests of $200 USD per day.

Activities of Interest

  • Arts
  • Fish
  • Hike
  • Shopping
  • Watersports
  • Tennis, Biking,
  • Snorkeling, Diving, Sailing, Fishing, Surfing
  • Fly Fishing, Deepsea Fishing
  • Swimming, Surfing

Places of Interest

  • Tulum Ruins
  • Butterfly Pavillion
  • The Beach Club Restaurant
  • Xel Ha Park
  • Sian Kaan Biosphere